Sketching café?

Imagine a café, like any independent café you might imagine. Some hipster joint.

This one expects, allows, encourages and (fill in your fave word here)… sketching.

Maybe sculpture, too.

So the business model is simple enough. Coffee, coffee, coffee. (And teas maybe.)

But the added draw…? Ahh, the added draw….!

Not crepes. Not bike parts. Not …. (fill in your fave coffee complement here)…but:

sketching. Everyone is a potential model to another. Pencils for sale, and sketch pads.

Maybe live models some evenings.

Pencil drawings EVERYwhere, evidently, on the walls, in the bathrooms, constantly evolving….

(I *think* it might work.)  (If the location is right.)  (Montreal is the place for it.)

This is a member-based cooperative, evidently. Art supplies at cost.

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