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Heated sidewalks….?

How many heated sidewalks are there in Montreal?

You know, walkways that just don’t accumulate snow? Maybe they have coils under them. Maybe waste heat from the building.

The only one I know of was in Westmount, on Redfern, in the Reader’s Digest building.

Are there any others?

Should we have more? Are any other cities using them? Could they ever make sense on a large scale? Solar panel heated bike paths?

Bike/People conflict zones

There are so many little places to improve our bike network. Where to start?

One example is found at the corner of Parc Lafontaine/Amhearst and Cherrier. At rush hour, this place is clotted with bikes and in the afternoon, we add joggers, walkers, baby strollers and cars all vying for speedy access to “the other side”.

Eventually we will have the money to find solutions to these hot spots.

What are your favorites?