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Diamond Mine in Ontario… pays record royalties

Mines in other provinces pay their fair share of taxes to support public services, like education and healthcare, compared to Quebec.

But exactly how much is also a tightly guarded secret, there. Until today.

The De Beers Diamond Mine in Ontario paid a whopping 226$ in 2013/2014, an investigation by a courageous journalist revealed.

The government makes choices on how to spend those important revenues. 226$ can cover the costs of replacing a few lightbulbs in one university classroom, for instance. Or perhaps it could be devoted to fixing 1/20th of a pothole. Or a stop sign, maybe.

I am so glad that corporations are paying their fair share in taxes.

Here is a list of mines in Quebec.

It seems there might be veins of gold in Abitibi, a new study suggests, comparing bits of Quebec to the planet Venus in a new theory of continental shift. Get your spades out!